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Black Bath Bomb Review ~ What do you think?

Black Bath Bomb Review ~ What do you think?

Have you been brave enough to try a black bath bomb yet? If so what were your thoughts? Did you like it? Did it creep you out? 

Black Bath Bombs are usually meant to be so inky that they make your body disappear in the water, but what about the scent, what scent should a black bath be? MIDNIGHT Black Bath Bomb from Soapie Shoppe is cinnamon and citrus essential oil scented, which we find to match the best with the feel of a black bath.  But what other scents are out there?

What is the purpose of a black bath?

Black Bath Bombs feature different amounts of ACTIVATED charcoal. The purpose of the activated charcoal is to DETOX you while you soak.

Let us know your thoughts!!

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  • Christina on

    I got one of these for my birthday and loved it! I only used half the bomb and my bath was still so silky smooth! The ring is adorable. I wear it every day.

    Thanks for the great stuff!

  • Emily on

    Smells amazing, wonderful color! This was a nice size bomb and i absolutely loved it. I would probably buy one of these over one from lush. The ring was absolutely beautiful. I wondered if I would get a boring one like all of the pretty ones were for advertising but I am SO happy with my ring, it has a sparkly pink jewel on top. 11/10 would buy again and recommend to everyone!

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