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OATMEAL Sugar Scrub by Soapie Shoppe

OATMEAL Sugar Scrub by Soapie Shoppe


OATMEAL SUGAR SCRUB: Amazing Scented and Awesome Moisturizing Power of ORGANIC Shea, ORGANIC Olive Oil

BODY POLISH: Remove the dead skin cells that are holding your inner beauty captive by dullness. The gentle exfoliating power of SOAPIE SHOPPES Sugar and Salts Scrubs will enliven your skin and allow the newly revealed skin to accept the hight moisturizing oils. 

RELAXES MUSCLES: Use the scrubs to relax mind and body with the calming power of a rub down with the gentle SOAPIE SHOPPE SUGAR AND SALT SCRUBS 

HAND AND BODY: SCRUBS are good for both hand and body. Amaze yourself with the power of SCRUBS mixed with warm water and placed by the sink or the moisturizing power by the tub.