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Peter's Fundraiser

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Peter was invited to the ALL AMERICAN BLUE GREY CLASSIC BOWL! This bowl features high school football players and will be held in Tampa Florida on January 29. It will be featured on ESPN and televised nationally. It will be held in a Tampa NFL stadium. The fee cost 2500+ travel fees. Soapie Shoppe is offering a fundraiser to support Peter's trip.

The options include:
- A six pack or 12 pack of organic bath bombs
- A six pack or 12 pack of organic soap.

All items are handcrafted right here in Belton.

Pickup or Delivery
Items will need to be picked up at the barn at Belton Bed and Breakfast and will be available the Friday after you order them. If you want them to be shipped to a friend or family throughout the country there will be a charge of an additional eight dollars for shipping. Otherwise they will be available for pick up at the barn in Belton Bed-and-Breakfast.

Peter and his brothers and sisters will be helping with this project.

Go Bears!