Bath Bombs that Bubble Froth & Float
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The Patriot Bomb 8 oz. Bubbling Bath Bomb

The Patriot Bomb 8 oz. Bubbling Bath Bomb

  • 8 ounces of Awesomeness & a Delicious smell of Cherries with Organic Coconut Oil and Argan Oil
  • Red to remind us of our Freedom!
  • Blue to remind us to be at Peace with one Another!
  • White to remind us to leave a blank page for the children to write the future.
Times are tough right now, lets all remember what unites us. The good old U S of A, land of the Free, and home of the Brave. Land of Opportunity and a Welcome place of refugee for the oppressed. Lets not forget our roots! Super deliciousness with organic coconut oil and organ oil for your skin! Post pics on for a chance at a FREE BATH BOMB!