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About Us

Named as one of the TOP BATH BOMB COMPANIES with Global Trajectory in 2019! When you Shop Soapie Shoppe you are REINVESTING IN AMERICAN MANUFACTURING, because we are part of the Micro-Manufacturing Movement.

Soapie Shoppe has been featured in multiple magazines including REAL SIMPLE, Martha Stewart, People magazine, as well as BuzzFeed. We pride ourselves on customer service and making unique products.

When you buy our products, you may pay a little bit more, but be assured you are doing your part to FUND the hiring of AMERICAN workers. You are doing your part to INVEST in the FUTURE of a FAMILY, and best of all, BATHS for you will never be the SAME, because Soapie Shoppe means QUALITY.

Whether it is a Bath Bomb sizzling up your tub, theluxurious lather from your soap, or the convenience of your Soapie hanging on its hook, Soapie Shoppe takes pride in being UNIQUE and LUXURY FOR LESS!

To all of our customers:

Thank you!

You have changed our lives ONE BATH BOMB at a TIME!