Bath Bombs that Bubble Froth & Float
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MIDNIGHT Jet Black Bath Bomb By Soapie Shoppe EXTRA LARGE Bath Bomb 8 oz.

  • The ORIGINAL BLACK BATH BOMB This bath bomb will turn your water JET BLACK
  • SUPER DETOX: Made with Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay to help you detox as you SOAK
  • Feeling Just Dreadful? Soak in this black bath, like no other
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Perfect gift for any occasion

Jet Black Bath Bombs are deep and dark and turn your bath the color of INK. Not so nice, if you are not into it, so BUYER BEWARE: This bath bomb will turn your water VERY BLACK. 

SOAPIE SHOPPE Bath Bombs are some of the LARGEST on the MARKET! They are fizzy, fun, and relaxing. You can win FREE BATH BOMBS by posting INSTAGRAM Photos and Videos by giving us a Shout Out! Prizes awarded weekly! 
We are known for our BLACK BATH BOMB collection. It all started with Midnight, then Galaxy, Infinity, and Midnight Mist! Try all 4!

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