Bath Bombs that Bubble Froth & Float
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Hot Pink & Heather Soapie, Soap Saver Soap Sack

HOT PINK & HEATHER Soapie by Soapie Shoppe


1 Soap sack that fits a standard sized Bar of Soap

We are so excited to present to you the Original Soapie! It is a Wonderful NEW Bathing Tool that acts a soap and washcloth in ONE! It comes with a nifty nickle caribiner that is RUST-FREE for easy shower hanging! It can be washed in the washing machine and used again and again! This thing is DURABLE! It is made of tiny plastic fibers that will not STRETCH, MOLD OR MILDEW! But yet the fabric is soft enough to gently exfoliate, and creates and EXCELLENT LATHER! SO SOAP UP SOAPIE STYLE!!

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